Yet another move

So yet again I have moved my site. I spent right at a year hosting everything with Wordpress, but now here we are on Github Pages. This move was probably a long time coming, but I finally bit the bullet. Even though when I switched to Wordpress it was primarily... [Read More]

.Net Notebooks

Ever since I first heard of Jupyter, years ago, I must admit that I’ve been kind of envious of Python devs. While I dabble some in python it is far from my primary language of choice. Just the ease of being able to write your code in a notebook format... [Read More]
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Loading Blazor Components at run-time

So here I am on some much needed time off, and Hurricane Sally decides to come through. Just my luck, my first time taking PTO in over a year and a hurricane decides to lock me down. Either way, I figured I’d try something interesting. [Read More]

Just tell me what's wrong!

So after years of being a developer there is one issue that I keep facing when dealing with customers. Getting them to tell me what’s wrong. I have to be honest, this post is inspired by a co-worker, but I’m withholding names because she’s a treat to work with and... [Read More]
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A wrinkle in time

There are many aggravating things in programming. You have race conditions, thread locks, cache validation, and many others, but one thing can be one of the biggest headaches if not taken into account. Time. Handling time sounds like a fairly straight forward process, right? Get the current time, store it... [Read More]