Over the past few years I’ve been diligently using Joplin as my primary note taking application. It’s always been very clean and easy to work with, plus being able to sync it to my personal NAS has been very helpful. But the other day I came across a new application and have been playing with it ever since. The application in question is Obsidian. I was able to easily export all of my notes as markdown from Joplin and easily import them into Obsidian.

Along with the ease of migration I have even been able to import all of my blog posts and use the Github Publisher plugin to help maintain my posts! This keeps my dev diary, personal journal, work journal, and blog posts all in one spot! This is a free application, although you can pay for Syncing or Publishing if you want, but personally I’m just using one of the many plugins to facilitate that for me.

Obsidian is a powerful note taking application featuring thousands of plugins, the ability to link various notes together easily, a command palette (similar to VS Code), ability to lay out all of your notes in a graph, or a canvas to brainstorm and diagram. But with all of this power also comes a surprising amount of simplicity. The interface itself is simpler than VS Code!

I initially heard of this from No Boilerplate on Youtube, be sure to check out his video and show him some love, he does a great job of doing an introductory dive into the program.