Throughout my many years on this earth I have tried my hand at blogging. And to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing.  I see a lot of my peers beginning their blogs, trying to build a personal brand.  But nearly all seem to be lacking (and I’m not excluding myself).   Building a personal brand is one of the easiest ways of advancing your career.  But what constitutes a good blog?  How do I get started?  If you’re like me, the first thing you do when a question arises is google it.

Getting Started

If you happen to google “How to get started blogging” you’ll find countless results all telling you different things.  This is where my personal role-model comes in.  John Sonmez of Simple Programmer is a very talented individual.  He has been a developer for longer than I can imagine working for some big name categories.  He’s even published a few books!  The Complete Software Developers career guide and Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual are both excellent books.  I personally have read both and thoroughly enjoyed their content.

Why am I harping on John so much?  Well it’s because he has this excellent email course on How to create a blog to boost your career.  Throughout he goes through all the steps you need in order to start writing content, getting readers, and more!  Every email includes some information on the topic, personal experiences of his, and homework (yes, homework).  Throughout the course I learned a lot about this entire process, and I believe his course is what has brought me from 2-8 readers a month to 100+ a week!


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If you are interested in giving your career the boost that you deserve definitely check out his free program by clicking on the following link:


You won’t regret it!  And thanks for all the advice, and content you pump out John!