Welcome all!

Tis I! Sildaekar, Darkvengance, DCCoder, Ernest, whatever you feel like calling me. I managed to use the wayback machine and find a lot of my old posts, turns out a white-paper I wrote on web application security back in 2011 is surprisingly widely referenced. I’m slowly putting everything back together here and will be posting some more and writing more tutorials. I’ve been thinking about even doing some video courses on C#.

Currently I am working for a new IT domestic on-shoring company called ProValus. Really excited to be among one of the first with this great company! I am also mentoring for HackHands and PluralSight. So if there is anything I can do for you, or help you out with let me know! Be sure to check out my GitHub and hack away at some of the code I have on there as well!

If you can think of anything I should do, or talk about feel free to let me know!